1. The act or process of shaping in or on a mold, or of making molds; the art or occupation of a molder.
  2. Anything cast in a mold, or which appears to be so, as grooved or ornamental bars of wood or metal.
  3. (Architecture): A plane, or curved, narrow surface, either sunk or projecting, used for decoration by means of the lights and shades upon its surface. Moldings vary greatly in pattern and are generally used in groups, the different members of each group projecting or retreating, one beyond another.
  4. (Woodworking): A planing machine for making moldings.
  5. (Founding): A machine to assist in making molds for castings.
  6. (mill): A mill for shaping timber.
  7. (sand, founding): A kind of sand containing clay, used in making molds.

7 letters in word "molding": D G I L M N O.

No anagrams for molding found in this word list.

Words found within molding:

di dig dim din ding dingo dino diol do dog doing dol doling dom doming don dong gi gid gild gin gio glid glim glom go god gold gon id idol in indol ingo io ion li lid lido lig limn limo lin lind ling lingo lino lion lo log loid loin loming long mi mid mig mil mild milo mind ming mino mo mod modi mog moi moil mol mold mon mong nid nil nim no nod nodi nog noil nom od oi oil old olid olm om on

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